What is Rubber Paving?

Rubber paving is created by combining recycled rubber crumb with proprietary binding agent according to a strict formula developed by Shercom. The Rubber Paving concept has now been expanded to include sidewalks, pathways, patios, decks, pool decks, sports courts, running tracks, pathways and trails. Rubber paving can be installed virtually anywhere and will transform your existing surface, no matter how bad it looks.

Rubber Paving is durable, stable, affordable, practical, resists cracking, and retains exceptional performance characteristics even in our extreme Canadian climatic conditions. Check out the gallery for examples of rubber paving using Shercom products!


Crack Resistant

Rubber paving is crack resistant! It is engineered to withstand the harsh Canadian climate and minor ground movements.


Rubber paving is an affordable alternative to concrete and asphalt, it can be installed directly on top of existing surfaces!


  • UV resistant surface that won’t fade
  • Easy snow removal
  • Not damaged by de-icer/salt

Environmentally Friendly

Rubber pavement is made from recycled tires and other materials that would otherwise be in a landfill.


There are many colours and designs to choose from to fit your own style! See the colours & options tab for examples.

Before & After

See these amazing rubber paving transformations completed with Shercom Industries products. Save time and money by using rubber paving to cover old and cracked cement. Rubber paving can be done directly on top of any surface.

*All photos above are products of Shercom Industries Installers*